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Aside from our signature line of high-end, designer fabric on the outward-facing lining, we have taken extra measures to ensure our masks protect you and your loved ones by investing in Halyard H600 High-Grade Surgical Wrap Material for the inside lining of our masks.
*In addition to the double lining, Halyard H600 meets the industry standard for sterile processing teams around the world with its PowerGuard technology and enhanced microbial barrier protection that is simultaneously torn, flame, lint, and abrasion-resistant with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) or 98.0-99.0%.

  • .lining made out with Halyard H600
  • .  bendable nose wire added inside
  • • Fabrics and prints may vary and could include silk, cotton sateen, rayon, lightweight denim, and/or some other luxury fabric blends.
  • • Made from repurposed and assorted fabrics
  • • Final sale- NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE
  • • Care Instructions: place under the direct sunlight or UV light 
  • the best sterilization is UV light for the  lining Halyard 600

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