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Ilkay Turk, founder of Turk &Turk Miami

Turk and Turk has always been the story of two with its fire fueled by a labor of love, authenticity, and sacrifice. 
Thirty years ago in Istanbul, Ilkay and Rasit Turk were two design students at the top of their class at a prestigious art school pursuing the path where their talents and passions met. With countless exhibitions showcasing original work that garnered coverage in design publications distributed across continents, the roots were planted for what was only the beginning of an uphill battle to bring their dream of launching a couture line into fruition.
Leaving behind their lives in Turkey, the young couple set off across the Atlantic to Dallas, Texas where a lack of resources did not stop the Turks from designing, creating, and showcasing their art in high-end exhibitions. They did what they did best to display couture wear: they got creative.
Without access to high-quality leather pieces, the Turk’s used a found sofa that they were able to strip for parts to create a meticulously designed one-of-a-kind hat and vest. One of their most distinctive original pieces was an eccentric evening gown created from 276 yards of piping cord, crafted without a single stitch. For years they were a featured artist for The Absolut Initiative Fashion Show, creating pieces quite literally from pennies.
In order to sacrifice nothing for their art, they sacrificed themselves -Rasit worked two jobs at a gas station and kitchen in addition to attending school while Ilkay worked dawn till dusk on refurbishing fabrics to support their dreams. Across two continents, mixing two cultures, and between two people, Turk & Turk became four with the birth of their two daughters. 
As Ilkay’s dreams grew, so did her family, and Ilkay added the title mother to her long list of esteemed accomplishments.
Fueled by a labor of love, authenticity, and sacrifice, Ilkay tapped into her skills to support her young daughters. The family moved to Florida in early 2004 where she designed for different companies, created special pieces and taught her talents. Some of these companies are Chico’s, Soma, Mast, Spanx, Full Beauty Brands. She sold her designs to many other companies through to her agent in New York.  
In Ilkay Turk’s design studio, amongst the handful of complete sample pieces, hundreds of prototypes and thousands of sketches hang a cut out of an article quoting Carol Burnett: “When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.”
Now, in 2019, Ilkay Turk is following the words that hang steadfast in her studio and is making good on the dream she grabbed thirty years ago to create a couture line with the authenticity, craftsmanship, and creativity only she could produce. In Spring 2019 with exuberant amounts of talent sculpted through years of tenacious devotion to art and design, Turk and Turk will release its highly anticipated line of designer accessories where each luxurious piece blurs the line between a work of art and a wearable piece.
These pieces will be one of a kind hand painted 100% silk limited edition scarves hand rolled edges with Certification, cashmere/modal scarves, normal size and maxi size twilly’s. Leather handbags ( one of a kind- hand painted ), clutches with laser cut designs on it. Silk tops and many more hand-painted art wearable pieces will be in Turk and Turk's Spring collection.

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