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Our inspiration for the beautiful designs featured in this collection originates with the iconic blue-and-white motifs hand-painted on pottery by artisans in the early 17th century in the town of Delft in southern Holland. 

Known as Delft Blue, the beautifully distinctive porcelain caused a sensation among the European elite from the moment it first appeared.
Admired and collected by the Sun King Louise XIV of France and Queen Mary of England, Delft Blue quickly became a symbol of wealth and sophistication, treasured by collectors around the world.

Prized not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its historical significance, Delft Blue has remained a timeless choice that has endured for more than 400 years becoming synonymous with Dutch craftsmanship and artistry.

 Some of its finest examples are on display in the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands in Amsterdam dedicated to Dutch arts and history, and the famed home of the great masters of the Dutch Golden Age Rembrandt and Vermeer.

It was here that our Co-Founder and Artistic Director Rasit Turk turned for inspiration.  The legendary brand’s rich history, intricate designs, and fine craftsmanship distinguish Delft Blue masterpieces as true works of art that we are proud to emulate.

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