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The TAJ - Ivory Twill Denim Jacket

$1,875.00 USD

The TAJ Embroidered Twill denim jacket - LIMITED EDITION 

Hand Embroidered Silver & Gold silk Threaded Twill Denim Jacket

Elevate your wardrobe with our exquisite hand-embroidered silver & gold silk-threaded twill denim jacket, a limited edition masterpiece inspired by the timeless beauty of traditional Indian wedding gowns. This jacket seamlessly blends the richness of heritage with contemporary style, making it a versatile addition to your collection.


  • Intricate Hand Embroidery: Each jacket is adorned with intricate hand-embroidered designs, meticulously crafted using luxurious silk & metallic threads. The patterns draw inspiration from classic Indian bridal wear, adding an element of cultural sophistication to your outfit. Snap closers.

  • Premium Twill Denim: Made from high-quality twill denim, this jacket combines durability with comfort. The fabric offers a structured yet soft feel, ensuring you stay comfortable while looking chic.

  • Versatile Styling: Whether you're dressing up for an elegant evening or keeping it casual, this jacket is the perfect complement. Pair it with a sleek dress for a night out, or wear it over a casual ensemble for an effortlessly stylish look.

  • Wedding Ready: Brides can add this jacket as a stunning accessory to their wedding gown for those chilly moments. It provides a unique blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring you stay warm without compromising on style.

Why You'll Love It:

This jacket is not just a piece of clothing; it's a work of art that tells a story. Each stitch reflects the skilled craftsmanship and the rich cultural heritage of Indian embroidery. By wearing this jacket, you're not only making a fashion statement but also embracing a piece of history.

Limited Edition:

Our hand-embroidered silk-threaded twill denim jacket is a limited edition item. Each piece is unique, ensuring you own a truly exclusive garment. Don't miss the chance to add this exceptional jacket to your wardrobe.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the beauty of the embroidery, we recommend dry cleaning. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods to preserve the vibrant colors of the silk & metallic threads.

Size and Fit:

Available in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Limited availability on the sizes because of being Limited Edition , exclusive piece.

With only two jackets available per size, be sure to secure yours before they are gone.


Add a Touch of Elegance to Any Outfit:

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with our hand-embroidered silk-threaded twill denim jacket. Whether you're attending a casual event or an elegant affair, this jacket will elevate your style and leave a lasting impression.

Shop now and own a piece of timeless elegance!


Material: 98% twill Cotton + 2% stretchy 

Entrust it to a professional dry cleaner when needed.

 Do Not use Bleach | Cool Iron when needed


 And for the best results:

Don't forget to smile a lot, wearing it with love!


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